Meet The Author

This book was inspired by Zahra Rania, my daughter. Being an avid reader, I wanted her to also fall in love with reading at an early age. While searching for baby books in German, I discovered that there were none with a brown baby protagonist (and certainly no brown female main characters). I wanted Zahra to see herself in a character and picture herself achieving anything. I know that this type of exposure at an early age will help develop confidence and build self-esteem.
I grew up in Nigeria and later moved to the United Kingdom later part of my teenage years. I am a mother who loves to challenge herself and develop education pursuit. As such, I have completed my Bachelors and Masters degrees, worked in Investment Banking and I am currently studying for my executive MBA ESSEC and Mannheim business schools.
I love experiencing different cultures. I currently now reside in Mannheim, Germany with my beautiful daughter and husband where we have made a lovely home.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book to your babies/toddlers for a great bonding experience as much as it is for Zahra and I as well as her dad.